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For the past 20 years, California State Parks Foundation has been deeply committed to restoring the Yosemite Slough portion of Candlestick Point State Recreation Area and opening it to the community for public access, education, and improvement of community health. We successfully completed Phase 1, a $12.2M restoration of the North Side Wetlands in June 2012. In response to rapidly escalating construction costs and in the interest of making Yosemite Slough accessible and open to the public, we created a strategic, multi-phased approach for Phase 2 (infrastructure and construction of visitor amenities).

Phase 2 is broken into sub-phases that address access and visitor usage. Our current focus is Phase 2A, which involves the planting and infrastructure needed to increase public access to the site and usage of the Bay Trail. As we enter Phase 2A of this project, we remain steadfast in achieving our vision of increased park access in southeastern San Francisco, one of the most park-poor and underserved areas of the city.

Below is a description of our proposed construction schedule for Phase 2A.

Phase 2A Construction

The following is a summary of the program elements that will be included in the first phase of the construction of the park on the north shoreline of Yosemite Slough (Phase 2A).  The program for this phase has been developed in collaboration with CA State Parks and the California State Parks Foundation.  This phase was developed to provide the highest value and achieves the following:

  • Constructs the core infrastructure needed to maintain and operate the park;
  • Implements some of the more complicated program elements that required multiple permit approvals with various stakeholders;
  • Balances the cost to phase of construct with available funding;
  • Facilitates completing the constructing the entire park in subsequent construction phase(s).
Yosemite Slough South Vista
Yosemite Slough Restoration Project - Phase 2A Goals
Yosemite Slough
Yosemite Slough Restoration Project - Phase 2A Program Elements



20 years

of commitment to restoring the Yosemite Slough


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