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When you become a champion for California’s state parks, you help them stay beautiful, healthy, and well maintained. Our state parks need your help now more than ever, but we want to make sure you remain safe while volunteering with California State Parks Foundation. We worked with our team to carefully craft safety protocols, and procedures such as, physical distancing, wearing masks and gloves, and providing hand sanitizer. We also decreased the size of our volunteer groups, as well as the length of the workdays. 

We have launched a new volunteer online experience! You can now create a volunteer account, search and sign up for upcoming workdays near you, and manage your volunteer workdays. Click here to register and find a workday near you! 

Through our volunteer program, we plan over 100 volunteer projects throughout the year to benefit more than 30 parks across California. From Humboldt Lagoons State Park to Old Town San Diego State Park, you can help protect these priceless resources now and for generations to come. Plus, many projects offer special perks, like guided interpretive tours, horticulture and wildlife education opportunities, kayaking, and free camping. We hope you will join us for an upcoming workday soon!

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volunteer hours for parks in 2019. 

These events that really opened my eyes to the value of a team of volunteers. Whether the team is large or small, what can be accomplished is amazing.


Joyce Abrams
Core Leader at China Camp State Park