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By expanding park staff’s capacity, volunteers help overcome resource constraints and carry out essential tasks such as trail maintenance, habitat restoration, planting, and more. Their involvement fosters community engagement and connection, spreading awareness and inspiring others to appreciate and protect these natural and cultural treasures. 


Volunteers are essential, contributing their time, skills, and dedication to keep California state parks thriving for future generations. 



Providing consistent, sustainable support for park staff.  

Their contributions also provide cost savings, allowing limited park budgets to be allocated more efficiently.   

Fostering community that cares for parks.  

Our volunteer community fosters a sense of shared responsibility, spreading awareness, and inspiring others to appreciate and protect these natural and cultural treasures.  

Hands-on conservation efforts. 

We help with critical projects such as planting, removing invasive species, trail repair, trash clean-up, post-wildfire restoration, and clearing brush to reduce wildfire risk. 

Two volunteers at Half Moon Bay State Beach

Volunteer workdays 

California State Parks Foundation created the volunteer program in 2010 in response to unprecedented budget cuts and a growing backlog of deferred maintenance projects. 

Young boy walking through field at California State Parks Foundation Earth Day event.

Earth Day Climate Action 

Since 1998, we have hosted annual Earth Day volunteer events, which have taught us the power of volunteers and what they can accomplish in a single day. 

Volunteer Core Leaders at Chino Hills State Park.

Volunteer core leaders 

Volunteers who deepen their involvement in our program and their local parks. 

Chino Hills State Park

Support Park Stewardship

Support bringing projects to fruition in California's state parks.