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Climate Report

Climate Report

Read our first-of-its-kind report, "Building a Climate-Resilient California State Park System: Preserving Parks for Future Generations,"

We are using the best available science and research to learn deeply about climate threats and solutions, educate Californians and the Legislature, inspire people to take action, and ultimately influence policy and legislation that prioritizes the communities most impacted by climate change. 


Climate change poses an existential threat to California’s ecosystems, habitats, wildlife, and people. 



Climate change affects California state park landscapes.

Rising temperatures contribute to more frequent and severe wildfires that threaten critical habitat and endanger wildlife. Droughts, heatwaves, and shifting precipitation patterns affect the quality, size, and location of plant and animal habitats. 

Rising sea levels and California’s coastal parks.

Sea level rise increases storm surge, accelerates shoreline erosion, and may submerge low-lying areas. This can threaten coastal habitats, damage park infrastructure, and cut off access to the shoreline. 

Climate change and park biodiversity.

Climate change can affect the health and function of many ecosystems and species. Shifting habitats can also change the distribution of plants and animals, and potential habitat loss can threaten species’ survival. 



We are supporting climate-smart land and park stewardship to make state parks more wildfire resilient. 


Sea Level Rise 

We're funding programs that implement nature-based solutions at coastal parks to prepare for and reduce the impacts of sea level rise. 


Western monarch butterflies 

California state parks contain critical overwintering habitat for western monarchs, providing shelter during the butterflies’ most vulnerable time. We are helping protect and restore these overwintering sites to ensure monarchs’ continued survival.  

Big Basin Redwoods State Park

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