Park Excellence | Cal Parks

Sufficient staffing, adequate funding, and effective park policies are critical to ensuring a thriving state park system. We work to achieve park excellence by fighting for a fully funded California state park system and by creating thriving partnership programs so that state parks can benefit from all the work of nonprofit partners.


California and its parks must meet the needs of the state’s residents.  



Advocating for adequate and sustainable park funding.

Park funding is essential to ensure that our communities have well-maintained green spaces for recreation, relaxation, and environmental conservation. 

Prioritizing park maintenance and infrastructure needs.

Park maintenance, safety, and infrastructure are crucial to ensure that our state parks remain attractive and secure recreation destinations. 

Safeguarding parks against development.

Protecting parks from development projects like power lines, toll roads, and coastal development is imperative to preserve these invaluable recreational and environmental spaces for future generations. 

Capitol Building

Elevating parks in the State Legislature. 

We are playing a vital role in educating the newly formed California State Assembly Select Committee on State Parks about the significance and needs of the state parks system. 

Outdoor Outreach

Working with park partners across the state. 

Partners, with their deep connections to communities of park users, are instrumental in advocating for a park system that is always working to improve. 

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Support Park Excellence

Support our work and ensure California state parks always have a champion for park excellence.