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While California state parks are public spaces, many people cannot access or experience them. Barriers to park access include lack of transportation, cost of visiting, lack of awareness of parks or the activities they offer, closures, and more. Though we are working to reduce these barriers, this is just the beginning of the effort to ensure that every Californian feels welcome in and can enjoy state parks. 


We are working to connect Californians to their state parks. 



Ensuring every visitor has a sense of belonging in state parks.

That sense of belonging is fostered by positive park experiences: relevant programming, welcoming park staff, and amenities that are inclusive and accessible.  

Prioritizing positive and meaningful experiences.

First-time park experiences must be positive, with clear signage, navigable trails, clean facilities, and well-preserved natural beauty, encouraging return visits. 

Forging a lifelong connection to parks.

Prioritizing equitable access and positive park experiences fosters a diverse constituency that values and preserves state parks for future generations. 

Park pass

Pathways to Parks 

A campaign that introduces and advocates for solutions that increase equitable access to the outdoors. We must work to ensure that we foster tomorrow’s champions by increasing state park access for youth and their families. 


California State Library Park Pass 

California State Parks Foundation has partnered with California State Parks to support the success of the pass, ultimately advocating for it to be a permanent program for Californians.

Los Angeles State Historic Park

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