Institutional Giving | Cal Parks

California State Parks Foundation is the central hub in a community of organizations and individuals all working to protect and improve state parks. This community includes our dedicated board members with 250+ combined years of California State Parks Foundation leadership experience, our nearly 70,000 members donating and volunteering on an annual basis, over 100 community organizations working with youth and local state parks, grassroots advocates across the state and legislative partners in Sacramento, and the California Department of Parks and Recreation, which is responsible for managing all 280 state parks.

Our corporate and foundation partners, listed here, are an essential addition to this community of supporters. Together, we work with all partners to promote our shared values of:

  • Environmental Conservation: 1.5 million acres of state park lands include 320 miles of Pacific Ocean coastline, 625 miles of lake and river frontage, and valuable wildlife and habitat unique to the Golden State.
  • Access to Public Lands: Parks are a critical, necessary benefit all Californians should have access to. Increasing youth access to state parks is vital in developing future park stewards who will protect our public lands for generations to come.
  • Equitable Outdoor Opportunities: Not all Californians have equitable access to the beauty and benefits of our parks. For many families, particularly those of modest economic means, lack of reliable transportation and lack of knowledge about programs and services that are available at parks are overwhelming barriers. Positive park experiences can play an essential role for health and happiness
  • Excellent Parklands: California’s state parks are chronically underfunded and need committed supporters to ensure Californians and visitors can enjoy all they have to offer. We envision an excellent state park system that is not only accessible for all, but also works to improve quality of life through meaningful and healthy experiences in a flourishing state park system.

Donations and sponsorships always have the largest impact in supporting our state parks system, but we know your organization has more to contribute than cash alone. By engaging your employees and leveraging your company’s assets and expertise, we work "beyond the check" to create innovative partnerships that address the multi-faceted needs of our state parks.

  • Can your employees volunteer in state parks?
    California State Parks Foundation engages thousands of volunteers in state parks across California each year. Our annual Earth Day program and year-round volunteer program provide one-time or ongoing employee volunteer opportunities. 
  • What does your company already do that can benefit parks?
    Our parks’ needs are as diverse as the parks themselves. Vehicles, tools, food, energy solutions, recreational equipment, and many other assets may all be put to use in state parks.