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What we do

California State Parks Foundation is an independent, member-supported nonprofit that mobilizes a diverse network of Californians to be active champions for our state parks.

At California State Parks Foundation, we believe that all Californians are essential to sustaining our state parks. Every day, we inform and inspire current and future generations of park champions, enabling them to be the passionate advocates our state parks need.

Because when we build a movement of park supporters, we ensure the long-term sustainability of our incredible state park treasures.

Adventure Risk Challenge
Park Access
All Californians should have access to the positive impact parks have on health, happiness and quality of life.
Chino Hills State Park
Park Funding
Our state parks require the necessary support to reach their full potential and preserve our history, culture and natural wonders.
Anza Borrego Person
Park Protection
California’s state parks are the crown jewels of the state and must be preserved and protected for future generations.
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What you can do
Monarch cluster at Lighthouse Field State Beach
Western Monarch Butterfly
Western monarchs need everyone’s help. 
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Together, this is our impact
Sea Wave

The number of people who took action and petition signatures in 2020 to save San Onofre State Beach. 

Monarch at Natural Bridges State Beach
6 ways you can protect the western monarch

We not only must live with our day-to-day decisions, but we must be responsible for long-range decisions, the results of which may not show up for several hundred years.

William Penn Mott, Jr.