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California State Parks Foundation is the voice for the California state parks movement and the leading resource for information about state policies affecting parks and people. 

We represent hundreds of thousands of Californians who believe California state parks are essential to our health, happiness, and quality of life. California State Parks Foundation empowers individuals, park partners, and legislators to make informed choices while strengthening local parks and contributing to thriving communities. 

State policies have a direct impact on the ability of individual parks or the entire California state park system to enact changes. It is critical to stay informed and share your park stories with decision makers. For information about park policy, contact our staff. Join us in advocating for positive park policies that support your community. 

California Capitol

The State Budget 

We closely monitor funding allocations for California state parks within the state budget, advocate for robust funding to support park preservation and accessibility while prioritizing transparency, accountability, and collaboration with stakeholders to ensure effective resource utilization and enriching park experiences for all visitors. 

Chino Hills State Park Trail

State Legislation 

We closely monitor state legislation affecting California state parks, actively engaging with legislators to introduce bills, sponsor initiatives, and advocate for policies that prioritize park preservation, accessibility, and sustainability, ensuring transparent communication and strategic collaboration with stakeholders throughout the legislative process. 


Grassroots Advocacy 

We believe grassroots park advocacy is essential for amplifying diverse voices, engaging communities, and collaborating with individuals and coalitions to shape policies that preserve and enhance parks, ensure equitable access, and foster healthier, more vibrant communities.