Yosemite Slough Restoration Project - Phase 2A Program Elements

The following is a summary of the program elements that will be included in this phase of construction:

  • Pedestrian cross ramps and cross walks at the intersection of Thomas and Griffith Street;
  • Reconfigure the Griffith Street terminus from four lanes to two lanes, including on-street parking;
  • Install underground utilities under Griffith Street and bring them to the site including: potable water, fire protection, sanitary sewer, electricity, telecommunications, and outdoor lighting;
  • New pedestrian sidewalk and entrance plaza from the intersection of Thomas and Griffith Street to the park entrance, including street trees and landscaping;
  • Street trees and landscaping along Thomas Street;
  • Vehicular security barrier along Thomas Street;
  • New park entrance gate and integrate park sign with State Parks emblem;
  • Main parking lot with staging area and ADA pedestrian/bicyclist connection to the SF Bay Trail;
  • Final alignment and surfacing of the SF Bay Trail including all required signage;
  • Installation of native plants along the edge of the tidal marsh to complete the tidal marsh restoration;
  • Installation of a irrigation system to support all of the new planting areas and the future expansion of the park;
  • Test installations of upgraded site furnishings;
  • Facilities to support SFPUC maintenance access easement.