Park Funding

California state parks are funded through three main sources: general fund, user fees and special funds. We partner by advocating for the annual budget and legislation that sustains or increases funding for parks. In addition, we work with partners on the ground to do more in parks.

The enjoyment of state parks is at a record-breaking level, with a estimated 81 million visitors this year. While that seems like great news, the parks are straining under the pressure. There is a $1.2 billion backlog of unfunded projects that needs to be addressed.

As a partner we are able to infuse resources based on the needs and growing issues of the time and place.

California State Capitol
Legislative Agenda
The latest legislation to increase access, equity and excellence in state parks across California.
Statement on 2020-2021 California Budget
Our Impact
$1 billion

The amount of deferred park maintenance costs in California state parks.

This budget marks a first step forward towards much-needed, sustainable funding streams for our parks that will help ensure every Californian can experience state parks.

Holly Martinez
Director of Programs and Advocacy