Tools and Resources for COVID-19 | Cal Parks

With everything going on in the world today, we want you to know California State Parks Foundation is here for you. We are currently navigating the new waters of working from home, social distancing, and becoming homeschool teachers. With health as a top priority, we can’t help but think how the outdoors helps us get through times of uncertainty. Just being outside reduces anger, anxiety, and stress. With that in mind, we are working to help you make it through this difficult time, by leaning on the California state parks you love.

Enjoy the outdoors safely

We have to work together to stop the spread of COVID-19. Whether at a park close to home or in your back yard, we must practice social distancing. Learn how can access the health and wellness benefits of open spaces safely during:

Tools and Resources

Below you will find curated health and educational information to help you use open spaces to adjust to these new challenges. From learning more about and benefiting from the health benefits of time outdoors, to using California state parks as a distance learning tool while schools are closed, we hope this information will help you navigate this difficult phase.

What we're doing

We are dedicated to helping you make it through this difficult time with the knowledge and resources we have. Currently, we are:

  • Ensuring parks are safe for all Californians: We are working proactively to discuss how state parks should be used safely to maintain access. This may result in some closures throughout the state.
  • Driving positive and factual news coverage: We are working to drive coverage that urges safe use of the outdoors, and illustrates how going outside (using social distancing guidelines) can be beneficial to your health. 
  • Providing educational park resources to use at home: While schools are closed, we hope to provide resources to your amazing California state parks to learn something new and educate the next generation of park stewards!
  • Leading policy discussions: It is important that we continue to be a voice for parks and Californians in establishing park access, park funding, and park protection policies – and disseminating that information to the broader parks community.