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Statement from California State Parks Foundation on Governor Newsom’s proposed FY 2021-22 state budget


On Friday, Governor Gavin Newsom submitted his proposed state budget to the California Legislature. The $227 billion proposal outlines funding for essential government programs and services for fiscal year (FY) 2021-22, including support for California’s 280-unit state park system.  

“We are heartened to see Governor Newsom’s budget proposal recognize the essential role state parks play in the lives of Californians,” said Rachel Norton, Executive Director of California State Parks Foundation. “We know that Californians overwhelmingly support their state parks and we look forward to working with elected leaders to ensure these incredible places are accessible and protected for future generations.” 

California’s state parks faced significant challenges in 2020, including historic wildfires that burned over 115,000 acres across 22 parks. At the same time, state parks were a haven for Californians seeking access to the outdoors during the COVID-19 pandemic. In September, new polling found that Californians – regardless of age, race, or income – overwhelmingly support their state parks. The Governor’s FY 2021-22 proposed budget includes critical funding that will support important activities, including increasing park access, climate change adaptation, and wildfire recovery.  

This includes: 

  • $20 million one-time General Fund to support critical deferred maintenance projects throughout the state park system to improve access and enhance visitor experience.  

  • $12.7 million ongoing Cannabis Tax Fund to the Natural Resources Agency for the Youth Community Access Grant Program.  

  • $10 million one-time General Fund and $23.4 million one-time reimbursements from Federal Emergency Management Agency funds for the continuation of Woolsey Fire restoration projects to restore destroyed facilities and trails.  

  • $6.3 million one-time General Fund and $6.3 million federal Land and Water Conservation Fund for high-priority inholding acquisitions, which will increase access to existing state parks and add additional acres to the state park system. 

  • $2.7 million one-time Proposition 68 bond funds to provide the design of the initial core improvements to further public access and recreation enhancements at Candlestick Point State Recreation Area. 

  • $585,000 ongoing State Park and Recreation Fund to continue community liaison programs that engage underserved and underrepresented communities in urban areas. 

  • $85 million one-time General Fund to increase the pace and scale of forest management within the state park system.