FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:  February 11, 2021 


15 state parks and park partners will receive grants to help restore fragile habitats and rebuild parks, while building a climate resilient state park system.    


Sacramento, CA – California State Parks Foundation announced today that it has awarded $135,000 in grants to 15 parks and park partners to help parks recover from the devastating 2020 wildfires.  

“The 2020 California wildfires were horrifically destructive, and our beloved state parks have undergone devastating damage. There is a real need to restore fragile habitats and rebuild parks, while building climate resiliency to mitigate the impact of climate change,” said Rachel Norton, Executive Director of California State Parks Foundation.  

The Wildfire Resiliency and Prevention Grant opportunity includes $135,917 in grant funding that supports activities resulting in one or more of the following outcomes:  


  1. Assessment – Assess fire impact and climate threats to the park, risks to natural habitats, biodiversity, and parklands (both built and natural environments).  Grant activities may include, but not limited to, support post-fire recovery plans, general/project plans for climate impacts and climate response, surveys and assessments to identify and prioritize climate resiliency projects.   

  1. Restoration – Restore the natural and built environments impacted by fires and other climate change events. Grant activities may include, but not limited to, restoring native species, stabilizing trails/hillsides, rebuilding campgrounds, historic, and working structures.   

  1. Preparedness – Prepare for the real threat of climate change in parks and build a climate resilient California. Grant activities may include, but not limited to wildfire prevention work, removal of invasive species, clearing brush/ overgrowth, creating defensible space.   

  1. Education – Raise awareness of impact of climate change and ways to engage in climate resilience activities. Grant activities may include, but not limited to, educational materials, highlights impact of climate change, what Californians can do make a more climate resilient California.   


Here are the grantees California State Parks Foundation is proud to support: 


Northern California Grantees  


Anderson Marsh Interpretive Association  

Anderson Marsh State Historic Park 


California Native Plant Society                                               

 Big Basin Redwoods State Park, Henry W. Coe State Park 


California State Parks 

Mount Diablo State Park  


California State Parks, Bay Area District Natural Resource Management Program 

Trione-Annadel State Park, Sugarloaf Ridge State Park 


California State Parks, Sierra District 

Ed Z'Berg Sugar Pine Point State Park 


Gold Country Avian Studies  

Big Basin Redwoods State Park  


Sonoma Ecology Center

Sugarloaf Ridge State Park


South Yuba River Citizens League 

South Yuba River State Park


Stewards of the Coast and Redwoods 

Armstrong Redwoods State Natural Reserve, Austin Creek State Recreation Area 


Southern California Grantees 


Anahuak Youth Sports Association 

Rio de Los Angeles State Park, Los Angeles State Historic Park, Bowtie Parcel  


California State Parks/Poppy Reserve Mojave Desert Interpretive Association  

Arthur B. Ripley Desert Woodland State Park 


California State Parks in partnership with Chino Hills State Park Interpretive Association and Hills For Everyone  

Chino Hills State Park  


Los Angeles Audubon Society 

Baldwin Hills Scenic Overlook State Park, Kenneth Hahn State Recreation Area 


Support for our Wildfire Resiliency and Prevention Fund was generously provided by Edison International, as well as our California State Parks Foundation members and donors. Learn more about the Wildfire Resiliency and Prevention Grant round, and our grantees at