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Most people remember the first time they visited a spectacular wilderness park, or camped outdoors for the first time, or toured a fascinating historical site that brought the past to life.  

To spark a desire to return and keep exploring, visitors must forge a lifelong connection to parks. That first experience must be positive and meaningful. The signage should be clear, the interpreter leading the tour should be welcoming and knowledgeable, the trail should be navigable, the restrooms should be clean and the vistas, habitats and natural beauty should be unspoiled.  

In contrast, if first experiences are spoiled by inadequate infrastructure or programming, a first-time visitor is unlikely to want to return.   

A public park system that does not offer positive experiences to all members of the public is one that will fail to attract loyal visitors and investment. California State Parks Foundation has consistently fought to ensure that a visit to a state park is an invitation to return.  


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Working to improve trails in both urban and rural parks. 

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