Our Promise California | Cal Parks

Did you know that we partner with Our Promise California State Employees Giving at Work? 

If you work for the State of California or at one of more than 250 local companies like SMUD, Target, or Nationwide, you can choose to give a portion of your paycheck to help us protect and preserve California’s state parks for the benefit of all. Plus, companies sometimes offer matching funds – helping your dollars make an even bigger impact.  

California State Parks Foundation is dedicated to safeguarding the largest and most diverse natural and cultural heritage holdings in the nation. From stunning beaches and historic adobe buildings to majestic redwoods and captivating coastlines, these parks are true treasures. Support from individuals like you plays a crucial role in preserving these natural wonders and providing recreation and inspiration for generations to come.  

Head on over to the Our Promise website today & join California State Parks Foundation in its mission to protect California's most cherished landmarks by donating! (OP Code #: 7063) 


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