Three Ways to Toast the Perfect Marshmallow! | Cal Parks
Published: August 29, 2023

Did you know that August 30th is National Toasted Marshmallow Day? A day dedicated to the joy of toasting marshmallows. While the origins of National Toasted Marshmallow Day are unclear, it's a day embraced by marshmallow enthusiasts, campers, and anyone who enjoys this simple, and popular pastime associated with camping, cookouts, and outdoor gatherings. 

To celebrate, we've gathered three different ways you can toast a marshmallow — whether in your home kitchen, using a BBQ grill, or on a campfire in a California state park — there are a variety of methods you can join the fun. So, gather with friends, family, or even yourself, and indulge in the joy of toasting marshmallows!


So, what makes a toasted marshmallow so good? The toasting process caramelizes the sugars on the outside of the marshmallow. It undergoes a reaction called the Maillard reaction, where amino acids and reducing sugars react to create a complex flavor profile. This gives the marshmallow a golden-brown color with a rich, caramel-like taste and a slightly crispy texture while keeping the inside soft and gooey.  

But the allure of a toasted marshmallow doesn’t just end there. To many, it is not just in its taste and texture but also in the experiences, memories, and connections it can foster. Do you remember camping next to the fire and toasting your first marshmallow? Or the moment when your perfectly goldened -mallow is placed between graham crackers and a piece of chocolate to make s’mores? This marshmallow experience can enhance the enjoyment of the treat, turning it into more than just a culinary delight but a precious memory of friends, family, and the outdoors.   

Three Ways to Make a Toasted Marshmallow 

1. In the Kitchen - A Home Delight! 

Whether you're in bustling Los Angeles or the cozy suburbs of Sacramento, toasting marshmallows at home is always an option. Just grab a marshmallow, place it on a baking sheet, and broil it in your oven. Just make sure to watch them closely as they turn golden brown! Alternatively, a skewer or fork can also be used over your stove's open flame. Remember, safety first! Make sure to use oven mitts if you are using a utensil that is metal or use one that can withstand heat! 


2. In Your Backyard or a Local Park – BBQ Fun! 

If you have a barbecue grill in your backyard or at a local park, you have the perfect marshmallow toasting station! Place the marshmallow on a skewer and hold it over the grill. Rotate it for an even toast until you have a perfect golden treat. Plus, why not make it into a BBQ party? Connect with your community by inviting friends, family, and neighbors to the mix! 


3. While Camping at a California State Park! 

For the adventurous at heart, nothing beats the authentic experience of toasting marshmallows over a campfire in a California state park. Many parks and beaches offer fire pits, perfect for marshmallow toasting under the stars. Remember to follow all park rules and regulations, and only build fires in designated areas. 

Whether it's your first marshmallow roast or a seasoned camper's thousandth, the experience of toasting a marshmallow at a well-kept campground is essential to forging a connection to the park and creating lifelong memories.  


This National Toasted Marshmallow Day, let's toast not only to the gooey, sweet delight of a perfectly toasted marshmallow but also to the many ways you can experience this joyful celebration of nature regardless of where you are. Join us in this celebration by sharing your toasting marshmallow stories and photos with us by tagging us on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook @calparks! Now grab a marshmallow, and let's toast!