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A state park bill's journey

Published: September 1, 2011

Last night the California State Senate took up Assembly Bill 42 (D-Huffman). We park supporters were anxious for a passing vote, and we definitely got it with strong bipartisan support by a margin of 32-2. This bill is important to us because it will allow the state to enter into operating agreements with qualified nonprofits so that nonprofits can help keep some of our state parks open to the public. It will be a big step forward in our fight against park closures. (Here’s some more info from KPCC.) If you have been following this bill on its journey through the capitol, then you know that after many months we are nearing the finish line. AB 42 will now go back to the Assembly Floor for a final vote there. (Though the bill passed through the Assembly once already, changes were made in the Senate committees, so the Assembly must pass the amended version one final time. Don’t follow? Take a quick detour through a School House Rock lesson.) If the Assembly passes the final version of AB 42, and we hope they do, then the bill will make its final journey to the governor’s office, where Gov. Brown will have the power to sign it into law ... or not. We all need to be on our advocacy A game as soon as that bill hits his desk, letting Gov. Brown know we want his signature on that bill. We will let you know how to sign a petition or send a letter to the governor so he knows we support this legislation. Or, if you want a notice in your inbox, sign up for our advocacy action alerts emails. What do you think about AB 42?