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Social Distant at Los Angeles State Historic Park

Published: October 8, 2020

We recently hosted several socially distant volunteer workdays at state parks across California. These events have been a huge success and a step forward in continuing to support our amazing state parks during this difficult time.  

One of these workdays took place at Los Angeles State Historic Park on August 15. Our Los Angeles area volunteers braved the hot, muggy weather to come pull weeds at this unique urban park. Volunteers arrived early and after a safety talk, worked alone or in small groups in which they arrived with. 

Over the past year, volunteers have worked to help plant, water and weed the wetlands area of the park. After a few months away, volunteers were able to see significant native vegetation growth in the area. Volunteers worked to continue to weed the area and 9 large bags were filled to the breaking point with small, invasive plants.   

All volunteers diligently used face masks, social distancing, alcohol wipes, and hand sanitizer. Tools were wiped down before and after the workday and individual hand sanitizers were provided for those that didn’t have one.  Thank you to all of the considerate volunteers at this workday who did their part to keep everyone safe at this workday.


Special thanks to California State Park Staff Luis  for helping organize this workday and providing cold water, tools, alcohol wipes, and gloves. Thanks to California State Park Interpreter Selene and off-season park aids Crystal and Patty for volunteering their time to join us!  

See all the photos from this workday and more on our California State Parks Foundation Flickr page.  

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