September Volunteer Recap: September Workday Successes! | Cal Parks
Published: October 11, 2022

To kick off the Fall season, 165 volunteers contributed 505 hours of service to California’s state parks. We thank our dedicated volunteers for bringing their diverse skill sets to the workdays and creating immediate solutions for each park’s unique needs!  

Our workday projects help parks enhance visitor experiences, honor history and culture, promote climate resiliency, and protect native wildlife and nature. Read more about the powerful effect volunteering has on keeping our state parks special for all.

September Workday Impact:

9 volunteer workdays across California, 46,676 square feet of invasive species removed, 27 bags of recycling and trash collected

“Best day ever!” - youth volunteer, Palomar Mountain State Park 


Folsom Lake State Recreation Area 

A group of happy volunteers at Folsom Lake State Recreation Area

On September 10, we had 10 volunteers brave the heat and join our volunteer workday at Folsom Lake State Recreation Area. To help maintain the park’s beauty and keep it safe for future visitors, this group of superstar volunteers collected 12 bags of trash and 3 bags of recycling while overlooking the calming waters of Granite Bay Beach. Their efforts will help keep the park clear from litter and debris. Join our next volunteer workday at Marshall Gold State Historic Park!  


Fort Ord Dunes State Park

Volunteers at Fort Ord Dunes State Park

On September 17, we had 23 volunteers join our volunteer workday at Fort Ord Dunes State Park. With direct views of California’s unique coastline and sounds of the rapid waves hitting the bluffs, these amazing volunteers removed 15,900 square feet of invasive ice plant and wild mustard that covers the coastal dunes and encroaches on crucial habitat like the seacliff buckwheat. Their efforts allow native seacliff buckwheat to flourish, supporting endangered species like the Smith’s blue butterfly that find sanctuary within the plant. Click here to join our next volunteer workday at Fort Ord Dunes State Park! 


Palomar Mountain State Park 

Apple trees at Palomar Mountain State Park

On September 27, we had 17 volunteers join our volunteer workday at Palomar Mountain State Park. This workday was dedicated to harvesting heirloom apples from the historic apple orchard. Surrounded by century-old apple trees, our incredible volunteers harvested four boxes of apples and weeded around the orchards. Their efforts will help prepare the apples that are used in special park events this October. Click here to join a volunteer workday near you! 


Are you ready to join a community of park volunteers? Check out our calendar to see what workdays are around your area: