October Volunteer Recap: October Workday Successes! | Cal Parks
Published: November 16, 2022

In October, 155 volunteers inspired us by giving 442 hours of service to California’s state parks. Their selfless actions help support our hard-working park staff partners through workday projects that enhance park visitor experiences, honor history and culture, promote climate resiliency, and protect native wildlife and nature. Read more about their impact on our beloved state parks.


October Workday Impacts:  

I love volunteering for California State Parks Foundation!” - Volunteer, Silver Strand State Beach


Rio de Los Angeles State Park 

Volunteers at Rio de Los Angeles State Park

On October 8, we had 23 volunteers join our volunteer workday at Rio de Los Angeles State Park. While enjoying the Southern California fall weather, volunteers helped preserve plants within the test plot and scent garden by collectively removing 4,520 square feet of invasive species. They also created berms (mounded hills of dirt), mulched, and watered to protect the plants during the seasonal transitions over the coming months. These gardens are community initiatives to protect native plants that provide essential habitat to returning wildlife, like the tenacious Least Bell's Vireo, which some lucky park visitors witness from time to time. This endangered bird species typically arrives in Southern California breeding areas by early April and remains until post-breeding migration in September. Click here to join our next volunteer workday at Rio de Los Angeles State Park

Special thank you to our Volunteer Core Leaders: Brian Hembacher, Kay Foster, Kristina Campa Gruca, and Michelle White! 


Border Field State ParK

Volunteers at Border Field State Park

On October 8, we had 8 volunteers join our volunteer workday at Border Field State Park, located within the Tijuana River National Estuarine Research Reserve. This special workday was part of the 13th annual Tijuana River Action Month to benefit the Tijuana River Watershed. This project aimed to restore the habitat in this important park. Our dedicated volunteers cleared 5,799 square feet of invasive species that surrounds the coastal bluffs, such as sea lavender. While abundant along the coast of California, sea lavender competes with native flora for water and nutrients critical for wildlife habitat that supports animals such as the endangered Western Snowy Plover that takes refuge in the park. Click here to join a volunteer workday near you

Special thank you to our Volunteer Core Leaders: Randy Shannahan and Thomas Chung!  


Garrapata State Park 

Volunteers at Garrapata State Park

On October 25, we had 13 volunteers join our volunteer workday at Garrapata State Park. Volunteers enjoyed the coastal climate in the cool, crisp morning air while removing 6,700 square feet of invasive ice plant along the jagged shoreline and preparing the park for future planting workdays. This year-round habitat restoration project helps restore Garrapata’s diverse terrain, supporting many plant communities and wildlife. Did you know that seacliff buckwheat is found around the coastal bluffs and the endangered Smith’s blue butterfly spends its entire life dependent on this native plant? Join our next volunteer workday at Garrapata State Park to help stop the spread of non-native plants that threaten critical native plants that provide habitat to endangered species

Special thank you to our Volunteer Core Leaders: Rick McGarrity and Helen Ogden! 


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