March Volunteer Recap: March Workday Successes! | Cal Parks
Published: April 12, 2023

In March, we had 100 volunteers collectively give back 334 hours of service to our state parks! Their impactful stewardship continues to inspire us with their dedication to protecting and preserving these natural gems. We truly appreciate the time, effort, and energy they bring to each workday event – it's simply invaluable. Read more to learn about the workday projects our awesome volunteers completed this past month.  

March Workday Impacts:  

It was a very rewarding day. I live very close to the park and want to help to improve it whenever I can. You'll be seeing me again!” Volunteer, Fort Ord Dunes State Park 


Sue-meg State Park

March 11, 2023 

On a crisp morning, 8 volunteers enthusiastically joined us for a habitat restoration project at Sue-meg State Park. This scenic park, nestled on the ocean headlands, boasts lush forests and stunning coastal views. Volunteers dedicated their efforts to removing two non-native species, crocosmia and English ivy, from the campgrounds. Their hard work prepared the park for the upcoming busy season and helped to restore and protect the natural habitat. At the end of the workday, the volunteers removed an impressive 15,000 square feet of invasive species. Special thank you to our Volunteer Program Manager, Melissa Potts, and park staff, Brooke Roehrick, for leading this successful workday event! 

Do you want to help us lead volunteer workday events in special parks like Humboldt Lagoons State Park, Trinidad State Beach, Sue-meg State Park, and more? Please email to learn how to become a Volunteer Core Leader today!  

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Baldwin Hills Scenic Overlook 

March 18, 2023 

We had a wonderful group of 10 volunteers join us and Nature Nexus Institute at Baldwin Hills Scenic Overlook! This habitat restoration project focused on clearing invasive species around Test Plot’s garden at the park. Volunteers removed invasive wild radish and mustard encroaching around the native plants. They also planted native plants such as bladderpod, black sage, and mugwort. By the end of the workday, volunteers removed 1,538 square feet of invasive species and planted 20 native plants. Nature Nexus treated the volunteers to a tour of previous habitat restoration project sites and provided refreshments at a snack station, including homemade muffins, fruits, and beverages. It was a delightful way to relax after the strenuous task of pulling pesky weeds. 

We want to extend our gratitude to our partners at Nature Nexus Institute! We’re excited to host monthly volunteer workday events to benefit the park's biodiversity.

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Folsom Lake State Recreation Area 

March 22, 2023 

At Folsom Lake State Recreation Area, we were joined by 14 highly motivated volunteers to remove invasive species from the popular Shady Trail. This workday contributes to the park’s fuel reduction initiative by removing invasive species to prevent their spread. Our volunteers successfully removed 26,000 square feet of invasive horehound and Italian thistle. Special thank you to our Volunteer Core Leaders, John Mlakar and James Anderson, and park staff partners, Jacob Lujan and Sarah Hauch, for leading a fantastic workday event!   

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