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June Volunteer Recap: June Workday Successes! 

Published: July 13, 2022

To kick off the summer season, 194 volunteers contributed 588 hours of service to support California's state parks and their dedicated park staff. Thank you to our volunteers and their collective efforts to protect native wildlife and nature, enhance park experiences for all, and help our parks become more climate-resilient! Read more to learn how we celebrated National Trails Day (June 4), California Invasive Species Action Week (June 4 - 12), and California State Parks Week (June 14 - 18). 

June Workday Impacts:  


“I loved it! The bonus was that we also got to learn about the plants and wildlife at the park.” - Volunteer, Fort Ord Dunes State Park 

National Trails Day, June 4

Volunteers at China Camp State Park

On June 4, we had 37 volunteers help us celebrate National Trails Day at China Camp State Park. Volunteers rehabilitated the Bay View and Oak Ridge trails to allow access for emergency vehicles and provide full usage of each trail for future parkgoers. Volunteers cut back brush, removed low-hanging branches, and raked duff at each trail. Their efforts make the multi-use trails safer and easier to navigate by restoring the width of the trails and opening blind curves.

California Invasive Species Action Week, June 4-12

Volunteers at Half Moon Bay State Beach
Volunteers at Rio de Los Angeles State Park

On June 11, our volunteers helped us celebrate California Invasive Species Action Week at Half Moon Bay State Beach and Rio de Los Angeles State Park. At our Half Moon Bay State Beach workday, 35 volunteers removed invasive species such as cape ivy, hemlock, mustard, and thistle. At our Rio de Los Angeles State Park workday, 15 volunteers removed invasive species such as fennel, red stem filaree, and cheeseweed. These volunteer workdays are dedicated to helping stop the spread of invasive species at our state parks. Invasive species negatively impact our park’s ecosystem as they threaten native plants and wildlife from thriving.  

Volunteers at Fort Ord Dunes State Park

On June 18, we had 25 volunteers help us celebrate California State Parks Week at Fort Ord Dunes State Park. Senator Laird joined the event and presented our Board Chair, Birt Johnson, Jr., a certificate honoring California State Parks Foundation’s participation during California State Parks Week. Volunteers pulled 40,000 square feet of invasive mustard growing around the park. Their efforts will help protect critical wildlife dependent on native plants found at the park, like the Smith’s blue butterfly which made a special appearance during the workday event. 


Are you ready to join a community of park volunteers? Check out our calendar to see what workdays are around your area: volunteer.calparks.org