ICYMI: An Ideal Home for Monarchs Webinar | Cal Parks
Published: November 18, 2022

Over 180 members of California State Parks Foundation joined us for our second webinar in the new Insider Speaker Series on November 15, 2022. The series aims to educate members and donors on topics relevant to the state parks space. This webinar — “An Ideal Home for Monarchs” — explored the science, conservation, and future of the western monarch butterfly. 

The California state park system holds critical habitat for western monarchs — providing shelter and protection for this iconic species to spend their winters. State parks are home to key monarch overwintering sites and found along important migration routes.  

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At the webinar, we heard from a panel of monarch experts who shared their insights on the state of the western monarch and steps we can take to help preserve them for the future:  



Heather White  

Senior Environmental Scientist, California State Parks, Natural Resources Division Wildlife Program  

Heather is a Senior Scientist on the Wildlife Management Team in California State Parks’ Natural Resource Division (NRD) at headquarters. Recognizing the importance of California State Park lands to western monarchs, she leads NRD’s partnership with nonprofit organizations, consulting groups, and district staff to assess, prioritize, and plan for the management and restoration of monarch overwintering groves across six California State Park districts. 

Mia Monroe

Mia Monroe  

Marin Community Liaison for the National Park Service, Golden Gate National Recreation Area  

Mia is a Xerces Society volunteer and National Park Service Ranger. Mia has been a ranger for over four decades, and today is the Marin Community Liaison. She has been monitoring monarchs for nearly 30 years and helps coordinate monarch butterfly overwintering counts up and down the coast of California. 

Bill Henry

Bill Henry, PhD  

Director, Groundswell Coastal Ecology  

Dr. Henry has over 30 years of experience in conservation biology, restoration ecology, and wildlife research on sensitive species throughout western North America. He coauthored recent monarch butterfly overwintering site management plans for Natural Bridges and Lighthouse Field State Beaches. These plans are informing and prioritizing conservation actions that will protect overwintering monarchs at our state parks for future generations. 

We are so grateful to each of our speakers and to our community of supporters who joined us live and contributed their thoughtful questions to the Q&A. To watch a recording of the event, check out our YouTube channel! Plus, be sure to become a member to join the conversation, live at our next installment of the Insider Speaker Series, “Improving the Park Experience,” in February 2023.