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How you can celebrate Earth Day 2022

Published: March 7, 2022

Earth Day is approaching once again, but at California State Parks Foundation, we like to take the entire month of April and dedicate it to our beautiful Earth. Here are a few ways you can join us in celebrating Earth Day Climate Action Month 2022 with us or on your own! 

Sign up for our DIY Earth Day Kit or visit your local REI 

Head over to to register for your FREE Earth Day kit. The kit includes gloves, a compostable trash bag, a coupon for REI, and a sticker! You can pick up an Earth Day kit at your local REI store starting April 1. 

Starting April 1, get with your family and friends, pick a location in your community, and spend the day picking up trash! As your work, make sure to tag us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter and let us know what you find with the hashtag #CalParksEarthDay. You can also track how many bags of trash you pick up and let us know what you find at Last year our volunteers picked up over 130 bags of trash and found many strange items including a boat hull, a jacuzzi, and a partially bitten surfboard! 


Join us at an in-person Earth Day event 


We are so happy to be able to host in-person Earth Day events again every weekend in April. Whether you’re in northern, central, or southern California we have an event for you! Save the dates below for a park near you! Registration opens March 15.  


  • Baldwin Hills Scenic Overlook State Park (4/2/22) – planting California native plants that are drought resistant, have adapted to our Mediterranean climate and require less water, and have ethnobotanical uses. 


  • Folsom Powerhouse State Historic Park (4/2/22) – removing invasive plants, clearing dead wood/debris, and picking up trash to reduce wildfire risk. 


  • China Camp State Park (4/2/22) – improvements to the ADA accessible Shoreline Trail to protect it from extreme weather events that cause erosion. 


  • Half Moon Bay State Beach (4/9/22) – removing invasive species and preparing the area for planting native species to restore natural biodiversity and stabilize sensitive coastal areas. 


  • Montaña de Oro State Park (4/9/22) – restoring coastal bluff habitat by replenishing native plant garden – adding soil, replacing plants, etc. 


  • Crystal Cove State Park (4/9/22) – planting, composting, mulching, and watering to create an Ocean Friendly Garden that attracts wildlife, reduces runoff, and filters out pollutants; beach clean-up; and an educational scavenger hunt. 


  • Silver Strand State Beach (4/16/22) – beach clean-up and educational climate walk focused on the strand’s vulnerability to sea level rise. 


  • Angel Island State Park (4/16/22) – replacing non-native grass with native grass that is more drought tolerant. 


  • Candlestick Point State Recreation Area (4/23/22) – invasive plant removal, trash pick-up, and an educational scavenger hunt. 


  • Old Town San Diego State Historic Park (4/23/22) – supporting an event in the new Land of the First People exhibit to educate the public about local Indigenous knowledge about climate resiliency including planting native vegetation to reduce water waste, conserving energy, preventing invasive species, and the ethnobotanical approach of the Kumeyaay. 


  • Chino Hills State Park (4/23/22) – cleaning up leaves around the Discovery Center building, clearing mustard from the old lemon grove, trash clean-up, and arts and crafts activity. 


Tag us on social media and tell us what else you are doing for Earth Month 


Catch up on 50 different ways you can celebrate Earth Month at home from our 2020 blog! Use this as inspiration and let us know what you’ve done for our beautiful state. 

Thank you all so much for your commitment to Earth Day 2022, let’s make this one the best yet! Follow along with us at Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram