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How to Celebrate Earth Day Amid COVID-19

Published: April 14, 2020

This Earth Day (the 50th anniversary!) will be different from others because of COVID-19, but we still have so much to celebrate and stand up for. Over the course of this half-century, Earth Day has shown that when we come together, the impact can be monumental. There are still lots of opportunities to show our planet how much you care! Here are a few ways to celebrate Earth Day this year:

Take part in our online Earth Day celebration

Tune into our social media channels to stay updated on how you can participate. To take part, follow us at @calparks on Instagram and Twitter, and California State Parks Foundation on Facebook. We’ll have Earth Day trivia and a special Earth Day giveaway, plus more ways for you to enjoy parks while social distancing.

Make small, climate-positive changes in your everyday life

Have some extra time on your hands now? It’s a great opportunity to make some simple, household changes that are more climate-friendly. Hang your clothes to dry instead of using the dryer. Set up a composting bin and use it for discarding food scraps. Invest in some reusable silicone bags for food storage instead of using plastic bags. Best of all: avoid the battle for paper towels at the store by repurposing old shirts and clothes as rags for cleaning.

Plant herbs in your backyard or next to a sunny window

One of the best, most sustainable ways to obtain produce is by growing it yourself. The idea of planting an entire garden of food is a bit daunting, but herbs are an easy way to work on your green thumb. Plus, they always come in handy when trying out new recipes. At a time when grocery store trips are few and far between, having something on hand that can instantly liven up a meal makes a huge difference.

Identify the flora and fauna in your own neighborhood

Do you hear birds outside your window every morning? Or do you have a colorful patch of flowers that you pass by every day on a walk? Chances are you’ve strolled down your own street hundreds of times, but you may not actually know what’s right outside your doorstep. Get some fresh air and identify the plants and wildlife in your own community! Apps like PictureThis and Seek by iNaturalist can help you out.

Find a digital Earth Day event to attend

Attend a virtual panelist discussion via Zoom, enter an Earth Day poster contest, and more. People across the globe – and across our state – are organizing online activities so everyone can feel connected for Earth Day. The best part is, they are available to you from the comfort of your own couch!

Share why the environment is so important to you

Earth Day is usually an opportunity where you can get outside and volunteer in a park to show how much you care. This year, things are a little different. Instead of having your hands in a park improvement project, one of the most powerful acts you can take part in is spreading the word from home. Be loud and proud on your social media! Tell others why conservation and sustainability matter.

Sign our Earth Day pledge and commit to taking an everyday action that preserves our planet

Go meatless one day a week. Fix that leaky faucet. Buy food items in bulk to reduce packaging waste. It takes small changes like these to make a big impact. When we all commit to making sustainable choices, we can, through our collective actions, protect our parks, our state — and the Earth. Sign the pledge, and join the fight to keep our planet healthy and strong!

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