6 Reasons to Celebrate Parks on #GivingTuesday | Cal Parks

6 Reasons to Celebrate Parks on #GivingTuesday

It’s that time of year again! A time to reflection the last year and give thanks to all the things that make our lives a little better – like California state parks! Join us on December 3 for #GivingTuesday to be a part of this global day of giving and give thanks to the parks you love year-round. Need more convincing? Here are 6 reasons why YOU should celebrate #GivingTuesday with California State Parks Foundation:

  1. It’s a global day of giving: What does that mean? Everyone is doing it! In the midst of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, #GivingTuesday is an opportunity for us all to think of others and give back to our community. Be part of this global movement and have a positive impact by donating to the causes you love, like California State Parks Foundation.
  2. You will get a parks postcard to share after you participate: If a supporter decides to donate and no one is around to see it, does it make an impact? YES! But you don’t have to worry about that, because you can share an awesome postcard on social media letting your friends know you support California State Parks Foundation. Plus, it’s a perfect opportunity to invite them to join you on this global day of giving.
  3. Your donation for #GivingTuesday is being matched: Though the magic of our year-end donor match, your $10 becomes $20 up to $100,000 just for #GivingTuesday. That’s basically free money! Help us help you by making a pledge today or on #GivingTuesday.
  4. #GivingTuesday helps support the programs California State Parks Foundation supports: From park improvements and preservation to Pathways to Parks and advocacy, your #GivingTuesday donation helps us do it all. With support on #GivingTuesday from park-enthusiasts like you, we can protect and preserve California state parks for the benefit of all.
  5. You can celebrate #GivingTuesday and enjoy a Tuesday Brewsday: You’re probably sitting there daydreaming right now. “If only I could celebrate #GivingTuesday and have some Allagash Brewing Company beer, round-trip United Airlines tickets, or maybe some Patagonia jackets, my holiday season would be made.” It just so happens you could have all of that at our #GivingBrewsday event at Public House in San Francisco. This exclusive event takes our #GivingTuesday celebration offline with unlimited pours of Allagash Brewing Company beer, awesome raffle prizes and a FREE gift at the door. Plus, all proceeds go to the California state parks you love. Whether you live in the Bay Area or want to fly out from Portland, Maine like our friends at Allagash Brewing, we would love for you to join us. Snag tickets here.
  6. #GivingTuesday helps support the parks you know and love: As a park lover, you’ve spent countless hours hiking, biking, kayaking, forest bathing, bird watching and enjoying your favorite state park. That park has been there for you through thick and thin and has never turned its back on you. #GivingTuesday is your chance to give thanks to these amazing open spaces and help protect and preserve them, now and for generations to come!