Campaign Goals | Cal Parks

Campaign Goals

Engage Californians

Deploying a public awareness campaign that emphasizes the significant role parks and outdoor experiences play during this health crisis, highlighting safety right now and the urgent need to keep state parks whole especially as a public health solution to COVID-19 recovery efforts.

Build Public Awareness

California State Parks Foundation will advance a comprehensive public awareness initiative to educate the broad public about threats to state parks and cultivate the belief that state parks matter to all of us.

Empower People to Act

Inspire park champions, engaging in vital hands-on work to protect and preserve state parks.

Cultivate Park Advocates

Webinars on why parks matter, petitions to take action, and a reimagined Park Advocacy Day to reach many more Californians to use their voice for parks.

Directly Support Parks

Delivering intentional programming through grants and partner support to the state parks community that is responsive to the needs and challenges that threaten the future of the state park system.

Fund Partner Efforts

California State Parks Foundation will strengthen and expand its discretionary grants program to boost the capacity of community organizations and the Department of Parks and Recreation to preserve and enhance state parks through education and interpretation services, resource protection, and volunteer leadership.

Strengthen Partners in Crisis

California State Parks Foundation will monitor budget and legislation that will effects parks, inform partners about temporary closures, and work as a thought partner to help partner remain strong and whole.

Uphold current park investments

Lobbying for essential resources necessary to keep state parks available and responsive to the needs of Californians and communities in response to the impact of COVID-19.

Monitor budget and legislation to ensure park funding holds

Review all legislation and budgets to look at how park funding, protection, and access is changed in the benefits or detriment of parks.

Educate legislature on how parks will be effected

Work with the legislature to engage with them on All In For Parks, and how they benefit the state of California and Californians.

Influence legislation to support parks

Reflect the importance of California state parks in the state budget and legislation, so parks can continue to be a resource for all.

Reduce Barriers

Advocating for public policies that reduce financial barriers to state parks specifically for those Californians who because of the impact of this health and economic crisis need access to the mental health and wellness benefits parks provide.

Prioritizing access to parks when Californians need it most

Work with the legislature during key moments in the legislative process to increase access for Californians.

Work with changemakers

Engage with the industry leaders and First Partner to keep access to parks top of mind.

Activate park access coalition

Bring together partners from a variety of sectors that agree on the benefits of state parks to enrich the lives of Californians.