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Park Advocacy Day: State Parks Fair

For the 20th annual Park Advocacy Day in 2022, California State Parks Foundation wants to use its platform to educate a wider audience of legislative members, staff, and the public. California State Parks Foundation will host an afternoon educational fair on the Capitol lawn.  

This State Parks Fair will bring state parks to life, allowing visitors to understand threats to parks and the importance of protecting these special places. Visitors—members of the public, legislative and executive branch staff, and elected officials—will leave with a deeper understanding of the significant role all Californians can play in protecting and stewarding parks.  


The main booths of the fair will highlight the six goals California State Parks Foundation works to address, featuring partners from across the state doing in-the-field work.  

  • Climate Resiliency: Building climate resilient parks and communities, so that California state parks can adapt to the impacts of climate change and remain protected and preserved for all Californians.  

  • Equitable Access: Reducing barriers and expanding access to parks so that all Californians have equitable access to the positive impact parks have on health, happiness, and quality of life.  

  • Honoring History and Culture: Preserving and honoring sites, artifacts, stories, and ideas that represent and reveal the wisdom, contributions, and experiences of everyone who has called California home.  

  • Protecting Wildlife and Nature: Stewarding native habitats so that wildlife and plants in California state parks are protected and preserved for future generations.  

  • Park Experiences: Improving parks and innovating programs so that state park visitors have meaningful and relevant experiences while visiting their parks, leading to a lifelong connection.  

  • Park Funding: Advocating so that California state parks have the necessary funding to reach their full potential.    

Additional booths and activities will be going on in the fair spaces, stay tuned for updates!