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For over 50 years, California State Parks Foundation has been the leading statewide voice in advocating for parks and people, protecting the best of California for future generations. 




Climate Resilience

We are leveraging science, education, activism, and policy to support climate-resilient parks. Learn More.



Access and Experiences

We believe that California‚Äôs state parks are essential to the health, happiness, and quality of life for all Californians. Learn More.


Park Excellence


Park Excellence

We will continue fighting for a fully funded California state park system that has the staff and resources needed to thrive. Learn More.



Park Stewardship

We generate high-quality workday service projects to attend to unmet needs and engage Californians with their local parks. Learn More.

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Success! Success! California State Library Parks Pass Funding Saved!

California State Parks Foundation was thrilled and deeply grateful to learn that, at the last minute, funding for the California State Library Parks Pass was restored. 

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Read our first-of-its-kind report, "Building a Climate-Resilient California State Park System: Preserving Parks for Future Generations,"

We not only must live with our day-to-day decisions, but we must be responsible for long-range decisions, the results of which may not show up for several hundred years.

William Penn Mott, Jr.
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