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Earth Day Climate Action

In 2020, California was faced with a global pandemic, massive budget cuts, and rampant wildfires. 2020 will have lasting impacts on our families, communities, and state parks. All of us at California State Parks Foundation are as committed as ever to protecting the natural treasures that offer us so much peace and joy. This April, we hope you will join us in committing to our California state parks and participate in Earth Day Climate Action with California State Parks Foundation.  

With the COVID-19 vaccine slowly being distributed across the country, we want to make sure everyone has the opportunity to participate in this impactful month for parks and the environment. That is why this year we will be hosting both virtual and in-person Earth Day events. Learn more about our in person and virtual events below! 

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Shovel in dirt

Native trees, plants, and shrubs were planted across California at our 2019 Earth Day celebration to combat climate change by storing carbon dioxide. 

Our annual Earth Day Climate Action brings together park champions to build climate resiliency in our state parks and protect them from future threats. 

Rachel Norton
Executive Director, California State Parks Foundation