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AB 67 (Petrie-Norris) - Sea Level Rise: working group: economic analysis

AB 67 (Petrie-Norris)

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Failed to advance from Assembly Approporations Committee

Would require a state agency to take into account the current and future impacts of sea level rise when planning, designing, building, operating, maintaining, and investing in infrastructure located in the coastal zone or otherwise vulnerable to flooding from sea level rise or storm surges, or when otherwise approving the allocation of state funds for those purposes. The bill would require, by March 1, 2022, the Ocean Protection Council, in consultation with the Office of Planning and Research, to establish a multiagency working group, consisting of specified individuals, on sea level rise to provide recommended policies, resolutions, projects, and other actions to address sea level rise, the breadth of its impact, and the severity of its anticipated harm. The bill would require the council, in consultation with the working group to, among other things, develop a standardized methodology and template for conducting economic analyses of risks and adaptation strategies associated with sea level rise, as provided.

Position Statement

Sea level rise poses a very real and urgent threat to California communities and coastal ecosystems. If greenhouse gas emissions stay on their current course, it is projected that California will see a foot increase along its coast by 2030, nearly 3-foot increase by 2050, and a 7 to10-foot increase by 2100. 340 miles of California's magnificent coastline are designated as state parks and beaches, making the urgency of addressing sea level rise a very real concern to all park advocates. This bill increases the state's ability to plan for and adapt to the impact of rising oceans, protecting our coastal parks.