RFP - Strategic Planning | Cal Parks

RFP - Strategic Planning

California State Parks Foundation is seeking a consultant to provide the following services:  

  • Work with a small strategic planning team (~8-10 senior staff and board members, plus engaging additional stakeholders like key partners, funders, and others as identified to provide input) to articulate a clear strategic plan for the next three fiscal years (2024 – 2027).  

  • At its core, the plan should align with our mission to protect and preserve the California state park system, for the benefit of all. 

  • This plan should set the course for the organization to continue to be the statewide leader for the preservation and protection of California state parks.  

  • This plan should identify specific fundraising, operational, and programming objectives for the organization to pursue over the next three years, built on a clear and actionable understanding of California State Parks Foundation’s donor value proposition and theory of change. 


  • Develop a timetable of implementation with specific measurable benchmarks, objectives, and tasks to be accomplished to achieve goals. 

  • Identify clear, measurable outcomes for how to measure organizational and strategic effectiveness, impact, and success. 

  • Establish a framework and process for the organization’s leadership to effectively implement the strategic plan and monitor progress toward achievement of goals and objectives. 

  • Facilitate all meetings and interviews to provide leadership, direction, and expert consultation and advice related to the development of an effective strategic plan, including successful implementation. 

  • Deliver a clear, easily consumable, strategic plan document that contains goals, objectives, measurements, and implementation timeline. This document will be the basis for a public launch of the organization’s strategic plan in summer 2023.  

Desired Qualifications: 

Any combination of skills and experience that can successfully address the scope of services. Experience with and expertise in membership-based, advocacy, or environmental nonprofit organizations is a huge plus. We are especially interested in individuals or organizations who take an innovative and creative approach to the strategic planning process and have experience effectively including diversity, equity, justice, and inclusiveness into the process and resulting plan. 

Project schedule:   

Begin engagement immediately, ideally completing process by January 2023 so that 2024-27 strategic goals can be incorporated in the annual planning and budgeting cycle, and so that Board can adopt the strategic plan at its March 2023 meeting.  

About the organization:  

California State Parks Foundation is an independent, member-supported nonprofit that mobilizes a diverse network of Californians to be active champions for our state parks. 

At California State Parks Foundation, we believe that all Californians are essential to sustaining our state parks. Every day, we inform and inspire current and future generations of park champions, enabling them to be the passionate advocates our state parks need. 

Because when we build a movement of park supporters, we ensure the long-term sustainability of our incredible state park treasures. 

Mission: Protecting and preserving the California state park system, for the benefit of all.  

Vision: We envision an inspiring and welcoming state park system where there is access for all, adequate and sustainable funding, and parks are protected for future generations.  

Theory of Change: 

Every initiative we take on at California State Parks Foundation follows an intentional through-line.  

The through-line: we learn, we educate, we activate, and we influence. This through-line extends and amplifies our in-the-field learnings, model programs, and innovative solutions to ultimately influence policy and funding decisions in Sacramento and to address the critical needs of our state park system, for the benefit of all. While every effort starts at learn, the rest of our through-line approach can be applied with flexibility, informed by the goals we are working to fulfill.   

Every step of the way, we carry our legacy and foundational values. Our Theory of Change is how we drive impact and change to achieve our mission. 

  • Learn: To determine the best solutions and practices, we work to develop a deep understanding of significant issues facing parks and to monitor current trends in the environmental, social justice, and parks spaces. 

  • Educate: The future of parks depends on a diverse and informed constituency of individuals and partners that is engaged and has a voice in the halls of power.  

  • Activate: California State Parks Foundation activates a base of park supporters to be champions for their parks. 

  • Influence: We create change by connecting in-the-field learnings and collective wisdom from all constituencies to inform policy solutions in the halls of power, where decisions are made at the highest level. 


Our goals define and align our work to achieve our desired impact.  

Overview of our goals 

  • Climate Resiliency: Building climate-resilient parks and communities, so that California state parks can adapt to the impacts of climate change and remain protected and preserved for all Californians.  

  • Equitable Access: Reducing barriers and expanding access to parks so that all Californians have equitable access to the positive impact parks have on health, happiness, and quality of life.   

  • Honoring History and Culture: Preserving and honoring sites, artifacts, stories, and ideas that represent and reveal the wisdom, contributions, and experiences of everyone who has called California home.  

  • Protecting Wildlife and Nature: Stewarding native habitats so that wildlife and plants in California state parks are protected and preserved for future generations.   

  • Park Experiences: Improving parks and innovating programs so that state park  visitors have meaningful and relevant experiences at their parks, leading to a lifelong connection.  

  • Park Funding: Advocating so that California state parks have the necessary funding to reach their full potential. 

The California State Parks Foundation is an Equal Opportunity Employer. People of color, LGBTQ people, people with disabilities and veterans are strongly encouraged to apply. Qualified applicants with arrest and conviction records will be considered for the position in accordance with San Francisco Fair Chance Ordinance, Police Code, Article 49.