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When many of us think back to our childhood, we have fond memories of family trips to a special place, whether it is a local, state or national park. These trips out into nature helped us as children bond with our families, explore the natural world, get a better sense of how we fit into that world, and gain an environmental ethic and curiosity.

Unfortunately, the opportunity to experience the outdoors or camping is not available to everyone. FamCamp® was launched in 1994 by CSPF in conjunction with the California Department of Parks and Recreation to provide low-income families with greater access to California’s state parks. FamCamp®, by working in partnership with community organizations, schools, churches, group homes, mentor organizations and youth development organizations, builds family bonds and breaks down social and financial barriers for underprivileged families by providing a group camping trip. Trips include all necessary camping equipment, group activities, outdoor leadership, and skills training. For many of these urban families FamCamp® is their first time camping and experiencing the natural beauty and solitude of our state parks.

Currently, State Parks operates 16 mobile FamCamp® equipment trailers at selected state park sites throughout California. Each year approximately 1,600 children and family members have the opportunity to participate in a FamCamp® trip--an experience that strengthens family bonds and builds a greater environmental ethic among urban families. Since 2000, CSPF has raised more than $292,000 for this program. We are committed to building strategic public-private partnerships that enable low-income families to participate in the FamCamp® program and experience California’s magnificent state parks.

Southern California Edison Makes a Generous Donation to FamCamp®

When many Southern California Edison (SCE) customers signed up to save on their electricity bill in the summer of 2007, they made it possible for SCE to donate a generous $87,640 to fund CSPF's FamCamp® and Outdoor Youth Connection programs in Southern California. The funds provided for a new FamCamp® trailer, fully stocked with camping equipment, as well as replacement of camping equipment in the other 16 trailers, and a training session to recruit and train new FamCamp® organizations. Participating SCE customers allowed SCE to shut off their air conditioners during summer power emergencies last year. They also received a credit on their bill for their commitment–up to $200.

Save the Redwoods League also supports FamCamp®

Funding for the North Coast Redwoods District trailer was made possible by a grant from Save the Redwoods League. The funds provided for a new FamCamp® trailer, fully stocked with camping equipment, as well as a training session to recruit and train new FamCamp® organizations. Since 1918, Save the Redwoods League has saved ancient redwood forests so that people can be inspired by these precious natural wonders.

If you are interested in learning more about FamCamp® or, to make a donation in support of this program, please contact Cecille Caterson at (415) 262-4406 or by email at cecille@calparks.org.

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