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The application does not allow for information to be saved. Please make sure you have completed your application and attached all required documents before clicking submit. Do not navigate to another page before you have completed the form.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Contact Information

Contact Person
Mailing Address
Zip Code

Provide a brief summary of your organization.



Project Title

List all state parks impacted by this project

Which single Park Excellence Vision Element best describes your project or program? (Select one) Read more about the vision elements here.

Does your project or program also address other Vision Elements? If so, please indicate which elements and rate them in order of relevance (1 = most relevant).

Provide an overview of the project or program.
What are the objectives and goals, and how will success be measured?
Identify the need and/or problem to be addressed
What is the date all grant activity will be complete?
Provide a timeline for implementation.

Attach a Letter of Support


If the grant request is for a program or project at a park operated by the California Department of Parks and Recreation, please provide a letter of support from the park’s District or Sector Superintendent. If the grant request is for a facility improvement project, the letter of support must also include support for the project timeline. 

If the grant request is for organizational capacity building, a letter is not required. 



Amount Requested
Total Project Budget
Other Sources of Funding (indicate pending and/or secured)
Project Budget
Example template project budget  
If project or program supports personnel, provide an explanation as to the need
To Whom to Make Check Payable
If applicant is a nonprofit, provide a completed W9 form. If the check will be made to a nonprofit, provide a completed W9 form for the nonprofit.


How will CSPF be recognized for supporting the project?

Additional Comments or Materials

Additional Comments
Additional Documents
Additional Documents

A confirmation email will be sent to the address listed above if submission is successful. If an email is not received, contact

If any of the documents requested are not included at the time of submission, the application will be consider incomplete and ineligible for consideration.

Due to the competitive nature of grant funding, CSPF may award grants for less than the amount requested.


For any information regarding our grant program, contact:
Kate Litzky
Policy Manager
(916)442-2119 or

California State Parks Foundation

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