Proposition 68


On June 5, California voters passed Proposition 68 – the result of last year's legislative victory passing Senate Bill 5 (de León). This bond is the largest investment in natural resources and underserved communities in California history.

Read our announcement on this historic win.

Thank you for joining us to support Proposition 68! These much-needed bond funds will help increase park access, and preserve and protect the natural, cultural and historical resources in California's state parks. An investment for our parks and for the state, this bond will benefit our communities now and in the future through increased access to public spaces and recreational opportunities, clean water supplies, drought protection, climate change preparedness, preserved wildlife habitats, cultural and historical preservation and more.

CSPF worked with conservation nonprofits, and community organizations to encourage local engagement and to ensure voters approve Proposition 68. With your support, our parks will benefit from critical repairs and improvements so that all Californians will be able to enjoy the natural resources and cultural treasures in our state parks.


Now is the time to invest in California's natural and historic infrastructure – including significant investments into California's state park system. It has been 15 years since California voters approved the last substantive park bond. As you know, with an aging state park infrastructure, our parks continue to need critical repairs to keep them available and well maintained now and into the future. At the same time, funding for amenities and improvements in parks that will attract new and diverse visitors to state parks is also sorely needed.

Decreased and unpredictable annual operating funding has left the state parks system with a more than $1 billion backlog in deferred maintenance needs. Additionally, it is critical to look more prospectively and creatively at the facilities, accommodations, and physical park needs that should be addressed to make the system more accessible and available for all Californians.


Summary of Funding Categories for California State Parks

The $218 million specifically for state parks will address deferred park maintenance, provide necessary funding for natural resources protection and restoration, and allow for repairs and improvements that will help facilitate better visitor experiences now and in the future. Some specific funding categories include:

  • $5 million for parks operated by nonprofits
  • $5 million for parks operated by local agencies
  • $30 million for low cost coastal accommodations

Important Other Funding Categories

Safe Parks for Every Child

    $725 million for parks in neighborhoods with the greatest need
    $285 million to cities, counties, and local park and open space districts to make local parks safer and improve facilities

Improving Resilience to Climate Change

    $30 million for innovative farm practices that improve climate resilience
    $50 million for forest restoration, fire protection and management for wildfire and climate change
    $40 million to restore natural and community resources, including conversion of fossil fuel power plants to green space
    $20 million for green infrastructure projects that benefit disadvantaged communities

Protecting Coast, Beaches, Bays, and Oceans

    $175 million for coastal and ocean resource protection of beaches, bays, wetlands, lagoons, and coastal watersheds and wildlife areas
    $40 million to assist coastal communities in adapting to climate change

Promoting Recreation and Tourism and Supporting Conservation Jobs

    $25 million in grants for rural recreation, tourism and economic enrichment programs
    $30 million to improve access to parks, waterways, natural areas, and outdoor recreation areas, including expanding outdoor experiences for disadvantaged youth
    $40 million for state and local conservation corps for restoration projects and equipment
    $18 million for wildlife and land conserve

Learn more about Proposition 68 on the official Yes on 68 website.

California State Parks Foundation

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