Senate Bill 705 was unsuccessful passing out its house origin by the June 2 deadline and can be considered next in January 2018.

CSPF was proud to support Proposition 67, which passed in 2016 and prohibits the use of single-use plastic bags at grocery stores. Expanded polystyrene takeout food packaging is a statewide problem that is toxic to humans, pollutes coastal and inland waterways, litters our streets at great cost to ratepayers, kills wildlife, and impairs the ability of communities to comply with storm water regulations.  Up to 80% of ocean pollution is litter from urban runoff, and non-recyclable single-use food packaging is a primary component of urban litter that residents pay to remove.  Single-use food packaging litter is consistently in the top ten items found at beach and river cleanups.

Senate Bill 705 (Allen) would add to these efforts, and phase out takeout expanded polystyrene and non-recyclable plastic food packaging and creates a unified statewide policy that will protect consumers, reduce unrecyclable or compostable waste, and safeguard our parks, open space, coasts and inland waterways.

California State Parks Foundation

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