SB 111 was originally introduced to remove a cap in current law which limits DPR’s authority to enter in operating agreements with nonprofit organizations – that cap prohibits DPR from entering into more than 20 operating agreements where those agreements involve the operation of the entirety of a park unit. It also was intended to be a vehicle for additional statutory changes that may be required or desired as part of ongoing efforts at DPR as part of its Transformation Team work.

During the course of the legislative process this summer, SB 1111 was amended significantly. The 20 park unit cap was reinstated, as was a sunset date of January 1, 2025. CSPF feels strongly that this cap and the sunset should be removed, and we have already begun working with colleagues in the parks community to address this in the 2017-18 legislative session.

Another area of note in SB 1111 is that it also authorizes DPR to enter into a statewide agreement with a nonprofit park support organization to facilitate implementation of reforms recommended by the Parks Forward Commission. The intent is that by partnering with a nonprofit entity progress will be made on efforts to develop and secure expertise, services, resources, and projects that are not currently readily available to the state park system. 

California State Parks Foundation

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