Assembly Bill 2534 and 2614

Assembly Bill 2534 (Limón) – SUPPORT

Parks: environmental education: grant program
This bill would establish the Outdoor Equity Grants Program to increase the ability of underserved and at-risk communities to participate in outdoor environmental educational experiences at state parks and other public lands. Priority funding would be given to outdoor environmental education programs that primarily provide outreach to and serve students who are eligible for free or reduced-price meals, foster youth, or pupils of limited English proficiency. It is all of our roles to grow the next generation of stewards that see themselves as owners and stewards of the outdoors. To do this, we need to increase every opportunity and remove barriers so that all of Californians have pathways to parks.

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Assembly Bill 2614 (Carrillo) – SUPPORT

Outdoor experiences: disadvantaged youth
Assembly Bill 2614 would require the Natural Resources Agency (Agency) to track the availability of outdoor experiences for disadvantaged youth and create a grant program to encourage access to these experiences with the goal of improving the overall health and well-being of these youth. This bill tasks the Agency with compiling and making available a list of school districts that contract out their school buses to non-profit organizations or state agencies for transport services. The bill would also create a grant program that would provide additional monetary support to foster more access to the outdoors and uplift the many young people who are denied these advantageous experiences. Park experiences are essential for health, happiness and quality of life and by ensuring all youth the opportunity to experience parklands, we foster the next generation of empowered parks stewards. AB 2614 creates a pathways to parks for youth..

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California State Parks Foundation

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