He who saw everything in the broad-boned earth

And knew what was to be known Who had experienced what there was, and had become familiar with all things He, to whom wisdom clung like cloak, and who dwelt together with Existence in Harmony He knew the secret of things and laid them bare. And told of those times before the Flood In his city, Uruk, he made the walls, which formed a rampart stretching on And the temple called Eanna, which was the house of An, the Sky God And also of Inanna, Goddes of Love and Battle

Look at it even now: where cornice runs on outer wall shining brilliant copper -see, There is no inner wall; it has no equal. Touch the threshold - ancient. Approach the palace called Eanna. There lives Inanna, Goddess of Love and Battle. No king since has accomplished such deeds.


Climb that wall, go in Uruk, walk there, I say, walk there.
See the foundation terrace, touch then the masonry - Is not this of burnt brick, And good?

I say; The seven sages laid its foundation. One third is city; One third is orchards; One third is clay pits- Unbuilt-on land of the Inanna Temple search these three parts, find the copper table-box. Open it.

California State Parks Foundation

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