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What is a roaring mouse?

January 13, 2011

Deep in the recesses of South America, across the little-known Amazonian savannas, a rare creature survives. It is known as the roaring, or sometimes the howling, mouse (Rodentia lululatus). The roaring mouse gets its name from local legend, heretofore undocumented by western scientists. The local Yanomami people say that on the evenings of full moons, male roaring mice make a clearing in the local savanna and roar at each other until…

No, wait. There are no roaring mice of South America. The one and only Roaring Mouse is a SF-based bike shop that was founded, according to their website, “a long time ago in a galaxy far far away.” Let’s just say they’ve been serving a dedicated clientele for some time now, and they have recently moved their shop to Crissy Field, smack dab on the route of the WBBC! They are opening their new doors this Saturday in Crissy Field’s Building 934.

Chris Lane, owner of Roaring Mouse Cycles explains his business philosophy. “We try to look after people,” said Lane, “take care of them, and take care of their bikes. We want customers to like us for what we do, not for what we sell.” They cater to a wide variety of bikers. In fact, they let their customers help determine what they sell. That is, they follow customers’ needs and interests. One thing for certain is that the Roaring Mouse is into bike commuting. Not only does the entire Roaring Crew of six employees bike to work, but they have same-day appointments for commuters who might find themselves on one end of their commute with a bike issue (popped spoke, broken chain, something else snapped off). On Saturdays, they have “Walk-in-Weekends” featuring no appointments and a guarantee of rapid service.

Drop by their shop this weekend for their new store opening, or any time it’s convenient. And remember, on the evenings of full moons, across the little-known Amazonian savannas…

The Mouse is on the move...

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