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The SF Giants, Halloween, and Prop 21

October 29, 2010

What is the connection between the WBBC, the amazing SF Giants, Halloween, and Prop 21? It might seem crazy, but they are connected. The WBBC just discussed how the full moon can impact all aspects of the Earth’s systems, including human behavior. Well, the WBBC is feeling a cosmic convergence leading up to November 2nd and the election. And, if you don’t believe, check out the commute helmet that has been cruising across the GGB this week!

First, the San Francisco Giants are on a roll after knocking out a conga line of the toughest pitchers the major league has seen in years. The Giants clocked The Man, Cliff Lee of the Texas Rangers, and kept going Thursday night! It is a good vibration here in San Francisco and across the state. Anything is possible.

And, the Gigantes’ colors are black and orange. Hello? Halloween!

Halloween has an interesting history, some of it speculation. However, it is safe to say it is a time of celebration and superstition. It is a celebration of the end of summer, the harvests are in, and it is now time to hunker down for the long winter. It’s a time of superstition because some believe it is a day when the dead return. But that’s not all dark, despite what you’ve seen in countless B movies. Many cultures believe it is a time to celebrate loved ones from the past in a positive way with feasts and revelry, not unlike the happy atmosphere around a cemetery during Dia de los Muertos.

And it all comes together...

OK, so we have the California-based Giants doing positive and other worldly things, Halloween is actually a fun and upbeat time, and Prop 21 will be decided next Tuesday, on November 2nd. The Giants might have clinched the World Series by Tuesday (no jinxes), Halloween will be over, but our ancestors will come out to celebrate on Tuesday for Dia de los Muertos, and it will be time to celebrate a new beginning for California’s state parks while hunkering down for a winter of good and positive work on behalf of our state parks. Don’t Stop Believing!

Oh, and my favorite thing? Winter time commuting on my bike! Splendiferous.

So, get your Black and Orange on, have a great Halloween, and tell all of your friends to Vote Yes on Prop 21!

WBBC has all his bases covered.

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