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A Father and son team are tearing up the roads!
August 26, 2010

Several years ago a neighbor of mine, Alan Frankel, stopped by to ask me about mountain biking because he was thinking of taking it up. I was all "Dude, you live at the doorstep to Mt. Tamalpais! Duh!!" Well, my reply was a little nicer than that, but let's just say he bought a bike and had many wonderful rides on the mountain, and other places in California. A few years later his young son Ethan could be seen pedaling up the mountain also!

Ethan Frankel racing

"I like biking because it is a good way to help the Earth while keeping in shape."
--Ethan Frankel

Fast forward many moons, and I find out that Alan picked up a road bike. Although he rode a bit as a youngster, it had been many years. In fact, today Alan also commutes along the route of the WBBC to his job as a scientist overseeing HIV research at UC San Francisco. At work he is Alan Frankel, Ph.D. at UCSF… and, he can kick my !#*# on the road.

If that wasn't bad enough, then I find out that Ethan has a road bike and that the two of them are racing! That's right, they just finished the Marin Century a few weeks ago and raised $2,001 for Project Open Hand. And, Ethan is actually on a bike racing team. Now 12, the young Frankel is really in to it. He races for Team Swift and is looking forward to racing professionally one day. When asked about this Ethan exclaims, arms raised high above his head, "I want to be a scientist bike racer!"


Watch out for these two guys on the road. Oh, and Ethan's little brother, Elliot, (now 7) will no doubt be joining them soon! (And Mom Lilly will probably be tearing up the roads in no time.)

Speaking of racing, if anyone is itching for a race on October 18, check out the Guardsman Tour. It starts in the SF Presidio and zooms all over Marin County. When is the last time you rode your bike in any kind of race?

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