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Speed Boats and State Parks

June 30, 2011

The other day I was riding over upper Fort Mason en route home and I saw something moving incredibly fast out of the corner of my eye. In fact it was two things — two of the sail boats from Oracle Racing prepping for the America’s Cup on SF Bay in 2013. I’m no sailor, but these things were moving so quickly that every other watercraft in the bay looked like they were at anchor.

Everybody on the path that loops up and around Upper Fort Mason—bikers, runners and various tourists—stopped to snap photos. I did the same, but the boats were moving too rapidly for good shots because their strange sails were taking in the full force of the wind screaming off the Pacific. These photos are from Oracle Racing.

I have no idea what the America’s Cup pre-races in 2012 and the big event in September 2013 will do to biking along the Embarcadero and elsewhere, but there will no doubt be some “adjustments.” What I do know is that there will be two great ways to see the races — from your bike, and from your bike while tooling around Angel Island State Park! Take the ferry over to the park (from SF or Tiburon) and cruise around on the five miles of paved roads until you find the perfect spot then settle in. You can also rent bikes on the island.

Have you ever taken your bike to Angel Island?

Photos courtesy Oracle Racing

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