World's Best Bike Commute
November Anomaly

November 18, 2010

The World’s Best Bike Commute took a hiatus from writing for a couple weeks, but it is back! Check out this photograph I snapped recently—it’s an anomaly in more ways than one. It was taken at 7a.m. on Monday, November 15th mid-span on the Golden Gate Bridge. It was 73 degrees and nary a breeze to be felt, but strange things were afoot.

That kind of heat is just wrong. Sometimes around Christmas here in the Bay Area we get a week or two of warmish weather, but nothing like this. November is typically more brutish and cold (OK, there might be some historic November anomalies back there somewhere, but you get my point). Anyway, the WBBC had all of its cold weather gear cleaned and laid out weeks ago, but it is gathering dust right now.

It is also officially Dungeness crab season right now. Flatbed trucks loaded with crab traps have been cruising along SF’s Embarcadero. Just this morning several small boats loaded down with traps were slowly rocking side to side and chugging their way out through the Golden Gate en route to the crabbing grounds.

Question: Are you an eat-as-you-go crab person, or a piler? You know what I mean. Lemon? Butter? Mayo? These are serious questions in the WBBC world. So here is to colder weather (remember how much the WBBC loves winter commuting?), some more rain, and a big plate of crab…a real big plate of crab.

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