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Full Moon Riding

October 22, 2010

OK, E.T.’s ride over the moon was pretty cool, but you can have an amazing ride yourself this time of year if you ride during a full moon. After all, these are the days of vampire hours, right? 

The weather came in a bit during this most recent full moon (last night), but I was still able to catch some glimpses of it, as I often can on my bike commute. Here in the SF Bay Area it is very cool to watch the moon rise over the East Bay Hills en route home. You’ve seen it happen a hundred times yourself, no doubt, no matter where you live. That nocturnal beacon always looks larger and somewhat flattened-out across the horizon when it first emerges, thanks to the Earth’s atmosphere. But as it gains height, it stabilizes, rounds out and shines forth.

I’m a firm believer in the powers of the full moon. History and human stories are packed with a variety of events and phenomena and creatures associated with it. Wolfman, vampires, human physical cycles, Wicca, ocean tides, recidivism of many types, lunatics, Koh Phangan Thailand, perigee, apogee, honeymoon, druids…you get the point. There is a lot of stuff associated with the full moon. Heck, I even time my gardening around the full moon. You have plants you want to put in the ground? Old time farmers and home gardeners will tell you to get them in the ground right before the full moon (especially bulbs of all sorts). It helps their root systems and gets them off to a good start!

But it’s not just the night commute home that is fantastic during this commonplace, yet amazing, celestial event. During the fall and winter—if you ride in to work early enough—you can see the full moon sinking to the west. Around here, you can actually see it dipping in to the Pacific a few times of the year, from the middle of the GGBridge!

Have you ever gone on a full moon ride? And remember all you bike commuters: Beeeeeee...gooood.

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