State Park Stories
Big victories, even bigger ambitions

Progress! This week marks another success story in getting state parks off the closure list. In case you missed it, Henry W. Coe is saved from closure for at least 3 years. Hooray!


Henry W. Coe State Park, © Cynthia Leeder

The Coe Park Preservation Fund has stepped up to fund Henry Coe State Park. According to the agreement with California State Parks, the Coe Park Preservation Fund will donate funds for the maintenance and operation of the park in order to keep it open and operating from July 1, 2012 through June 30, 2015. The Coe Park Preservation Fund is part of the Pine Ridge Association. You can read more about the agreement on NBC Bay Area.


Henry Coe joins the four other parks already on the saved list. Here’s a recap if you forgot:

Mono Lake

California State Parks has entered into a one-year concessions contract with the Bodie Foundation that will keep Mono Lake Tufa State Natural Reserve open to the public. According to the contract, The Bodie Foundation (a nonprofit cooperating association) will collect parking fees of $3 per vehicle at the old marina parking lot. The Bodie Foundation will then use the money collected to pay park operating expenses. Big shout out to the Mono Lake Committee and park activist Robert Hanna for their work on this!

Tomales Bay, Samuel P. Taylor and Del Norte Redwoods

California State Parks and the National Parks Service (NPS) teamed up in an agreement to keep three state parks on the closure list open for another year. Operations of Tomales Bay, Samuel P. Taylor, Del Norte Coast Redwoods state parks will now be supported by NPS through 2012. If you know these parks, you know this is a great partnership because of the close proximity of these state parks to national park land. We are very happy to see NPS continue its long history of working closely with California State Parks and step up once again to take care of these parks that are such an integral part of those areas.

We are very excited about the progress that is happening. Let’s use that momentum to move on to saving the next one!  Any word on saving a closing park near you?