Park Champions Program
About the Program

CSPF’s Park Champions Program holds volunteer work days in state parks across California. This program was created in response to the unprecedented budget cuts that California State Parks face right now. In partnership with California State Parks, Park Champions provide consistent, sustainable volunteer support in the areas of park maintenance and beautification.

Park Champions projects improve the quality, safety and preservation of our state parks. Projects in the past year have included trail repair, invasive plant removal, habitat restoration, the rehabilitation of an historic orchard, fence construction, bridge construction, and re-painting park structures. If you enjoy volunteering outdoors, want to work with a fun group of people, and you want to make a difference in our state parks, then become a Park Champion and join us for the next work day happening near you!

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How to Sign Up for a Work Day

Simply click on an event in the calendar, or one of the parks on the map below, to see project details and a signup link.

Green calendar events indicate work days for which you are already assigned.

Once you have signed up for an event, you can expect an email reminder within the week with directions and other details.

Upcoming Work Days

To participate, please login or register first.

Project Locations
Volunteers Under 18 years of Age

Volunteers ages 17 and under must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. Please check the workday description for the recommended minimum age for each project and email Phoebe Oelheim, Program Coordinator with questions.

Park Champions Leadership Opportunities

Throughout the year Park Champions hold leadership trainings across the state to provide volunteers with an opportunity to build and refine their planning, leadership, and project management skills. Trained Core Leader Volunteers are able to plan and coordinate future Park Champions projects, and lead volunteer crews. Park Champions trainings are led by skilled experts from California State Parks and other organizations.

If you are interested in taking on a leadership role as a Park Champions Core Leader, please contact Phoebe Oelheim, Program Coordinator,

Park Champions Sponsors, Links and Resources

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Email Phoebe Oelheim, Program Coordinator,, or call (213) 542-2450.