Rio de Los Angeles Wetlands Restoration
Status: Active Start Date: 2005


Rio de Los Angeles State Park, a partnership between the City of Los Angeles and the Department of Parks and Recreation (DPR), became a state park in 2005. The 60-acre park is managed by the City, while the 3.6-acre wetlands area is managed by DPR. Phase I, completed in 2007, included trail construction around the wetland and installation of interpretive signs around the restored wetland, and was funded by the Wildlife Conservation Board. Phase II,  completed in early 2010, included the collection and planting of native plants, and maintenance and monitoring of the wetland. Phase 11 was funded by the California Coastal Conservancy. Thank you to the River Project and North East Trees for their management of each of the phases. Currently, CSPF is seeking grants for further maintenance and weed management.