Los Angeles State Historic Park
Status: Active  Start Date: 2006 

The Department of Parks and Recreation (DPR) bought this 32-acre open space in 2001, after local outcry against the proposed industrial redevelopment of the area. Local citizens lobbied to keep the historic area as open space, and the result was Los Angeles State Historic Park (aka "the Cornfield").  An international design competition jointly run by CSPF and DPR was held in 2006, resulting in the selection of Hargreaves Associates of San Francisco as the park designer.  Budget issues in the ensuing years have slowed down the development of the park, but approximately half has been developed for interim use, and is in very heavy demand in downtown Los Angeles for events and concerts.  DPR is now in the midst of creating the permanent plans for the park, and a capital campaign focusing on park enhancements such as a children’s playground is beginning.  Los Angeles State Historic Park and Rio de Los Angeles State Park will provide a connection to the Los Angeles River for the local area, and will also serve as one of many proposed open spaces in the Los Angeles River greenway plan.